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Upgrade your traditional free phone with our all-inclusive self-service taxi booker. Easily book and reserve a taxi at any location, such as restaurants or hotels, using a QR code or tablet technology - no phone call necessary! Moreover, this booking tool is customisable to meet the demands of both customers and businesses alike, plus it offers flexible payment options, including cards, cash payments – even accounts.

With iClerk's dashboard, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of all your booker transactions and app performance in real-time. Get an inside look at each QR Booker's payment and booking history for maximum efficiency. Monitor all the bookings and payments activity at in real time.
Your Branded QR Code in Your Customer location
Instantly book a taxi or get a quote with your company's branded QR code - no app or tablet required. Browser-based, mobile responsive, progressive web application, compatible with all major browsers. Fully integrated with iCabbi despatch system for a seamless booking experience.
Multiple Payment Methods
Streamline your payment process and provide maximum flexibility to customers by enabling a variety of payment options. Card payments with ApplePay or Google Pay, cash payment and accounts. Enable all methods or choose certain ones depending on the booker's needs.

Driver Tip

Show your appreciation for drivers' service and let customers give them an extra boost from the convenience of our payment page! By adding one simple step, they can leave a tip - just another way to make every ride special.
Booking Receipt
With every successful booking on iClerk, customers receive an email confirmation with their receipt. This notification also contains links to track my taxi, rebook or book a return journey and provide your business with feedback in the form of a link to Google review.
QR Onboarding Feature

Streamline your onboarding process with iClerk's QR Onboarding feature. Pre-print, customise, and brand QR codes in bulk and effortlessly assign them to the relevant module - Scan 2 Book or Scan 2 Pay - when needed.

By scanning these codes for their first use on mobile devices, company admin will be presented with an easy-to-use onboarding screen prompting them to assign it either "Scan 2 Book" or "Scan 2 Pay" depending on their needs as well adding any relevant location addresses/vehicle IDs into a single streamlined solution. Subsequent scans will take clients directly to payment or booking screens.

Website Booker
Streamline your business and make it more profitable by integrating a mobile-optimised, secure website booker into your site.

This will provide an easy way for customers to instant-book or receive quotes online - boosting automation while reducing the need for direct calls to your base. Gain complete control by enabling card payments, and cash options (or both) at hand.
Booker Branding
Refresh your Booker with ease! With iClerk's comprehensive theme settings, personalise the booker look in just a minutes.

Transform the booker into an accurate reflection of your brand - take a few clicks to create something that stands out from the rest.
Reception Console
For hassle-free hospitality, iClerk Reception Console offers your location admin a streamlined path to managing bookings.

From simple creation and cancellation of bookings - all the way through monitoring existing ones in real time, this console provides effortless automation for eliminating tedious calls or emails to base.
Control Panel
  • Create a new QR code is a breeze. Login to your control panel, input your pickup address, and name the QR code location. You can also scan an existing pre-printed sticker with your mobile device to swiftly create a new location – it's that easy!
  • A powerful admin control panel allows you to personalise each QR code settings quickly and easily.
  • Booker setting offer the ability to make input fields easily configured for either compulsory or optional input, giving you maximum flexibility.
  • Any changes made to the QR codes are updated instantly.
  • Set up a specific tariff per location.
  • Booker can be set to a specific site for multi-company use.
  • Option to create a list of favourite addresses per location to make the booking experience even simpler and more convenient for your customers.
  • Option to enable flight details to be requested upon airport bookings.
  • Easily tailoring vehicle selection to the QR Code location via flexible options allows you to offer a particular vehicle type at each location.
Our mission is to empower our customers by transforming their laborious manual processes into effective automated systems. iClerk listens to feedback and acts upon it, enabling customers to save time while experiencing greater efficiency. We invite you to join us on this journey - your ideas are invaluable!
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